Oil & Gas Products - iRTU Remote Terminal Unit

CIMCON iRTU is a compact intelligent Remote Terminal Unit that offers an excellent price-to-performance ratio for applications requiring very low power consumption as well as low installation costs. Designed exclusively for the Oil & Gas sector, it offers easy configurability, scalability and excellent reliability.

  • Fully customizable to meet your application needs
  • Supports data transfer to web server for Web-based visualization from anywhere in the world
  • Supports multiple communication modes such as wired, telephone, Satellite, GSM/GPRS using cellular network and VHF/UHF based radio network
  • Multiple communication ports for local and multi-vendor connectivity
  • Low power models for solar applications

Application Suitability

Based on two decades of experience in real-time remote monitoring and control, CIMCON’s iRTU has the technology, reliability and configurability to improve your operational efficiency and reduce costs. Several O&G companies across the globe rely on the iRTU as their nerve centre for many critical data monitoring and remote control applications using different communication modes. iRTU, over the past twenty years has been used in almost every possible O&G remote monitoring application. Some sample applications where it can be used include the following:

  • SRP Wells
  • Cathodic Protection of plant structure and cross country pipelines
  • Electronic Flow Monitoring and Leak Detection
  • Custody Transfer Points
  • Artificial Gas Lift / Water Injection Wells
  • Control Valves and Pumps (ESP, PCP, SRP)
  • Instrumentation such as pressure, temperature, flow, viscosity, gas chromatograph etc.


  • Easy, reliable and affordable access to information
  • Baseline software is loaded in non-volatile memory
  • Critical site configuration data is held in non-volatile RAM
  • Real time monitoring of data
  • Report-By-Exception. For GSM based systems, SMS is sent to designated GSM mobiles and various control and monitoring stations only in case of abnormality
  • Logging of time-stamped data locally
  • Allows remote configuration
  • Provision for data acquisition at site from designated port
  • Integrates with any 3rd party SCADA system communicating with open protocols
  • Access to data is protected by pass code
  • Compliant with international standards