Oil & Gas Products - iTRU Transformer Rectifier Unit

CIMCON's iTRU is a result of our endeavor to revolutionize the age old CP Systems and is destined to replace the conventional TR Units. These units are remotely operable, designed with built in control, provide monitoring and CP data storage options, generate large amounts of current while maintaining compact size and light weight, have low heat dissipation and excellent efficiency resulting in lowest possible cost per amperage. iTRU ensures reliable protection of pipelines against corrosion at all times by intelligent monitoring of real-time cathodic protection variables and flexible communication options.

  • Transformer Rectifier Unit with intelligence
  • Efficiently generates large amounts of current
  • Compact and light in weight
  • Auto PSP, Constant Current, Constant Voltage and Manual modes of operation
  • Micro-controller based digital control and extremely accurate data logging using 16 bit Analog to Digital converter
  • Low operating cost due to reduced power consumption and high efficiency
  • Very low cost per ampere of current
  • Intelligence module can be retrofitted in manual TR systems
  • View TR data such as pipe to soil potentials, impressed current, reference cell potentials and fault conditions locally using a LCD display or from remote locations
  • Set TR configuration from remote locations
  • Built in Current Interrupter with flexible ON/OFF time settings for true OFF potential measurement
  • Supports multiple communication options over wired and wireless networks
  • Supports data transfer to web server for web-based visualization from anywhere in the world
  • Automatic generation of CP performance reports
  • Each iTRU is SCADA ready and does not require any additional hardware or software to integrate with any SCADA system
  • Any power outage is recorded with accurate time stamp and reported to the control station if connected
  • Real-time Notifications to any mobile phone using GSM messaging
  • Report-By-Exception reporting

True Synchronized OFF-Potential Measurement

iTRU offer true synchronized OFF potential measurement using GPS based time synchronization for all geographically distributed iTRUs. Typical accuracies in time range from better than 500 nanoseconds to 1 millisecond anywhere on earth.

The GPS clock synchronization eliminates any delay that may occur due to differences in time base of the iTRUs. All TRUs switch off at the same instant to measure true OFF potential of the pipeline accurately and reliably. This coupled with a fully remotely programmable current interrupter module offers the most comprehensive Digital Transformer Rectifier Unit available anywhere in the world.