Oil & Gas Solutions

With twenty years of experience and track record, CIMCON Software is a pioneering world leader in providing innovative and purpose-built automation solutions for Oil and Gas Monitoring and Control. Our decades of expertise in designing and developing hardware, software and firmware results in a tightly integrated solution and a seamless user experience for both field and office personnel. CIMCON's solutions deliver timely and qualitative information to optimize oil and gas processes and maximize production. We provide mature solutions that have been proven in several installations worldwide backed by our highly acclaimed 24 x 7 global technical support to provide you with complete peace of mind now and well into the future.

CIMCON's suite of automation products are particularly well suited to meet the unique requirements of the following Oil/Gas applications:

  • Liquid and Gas Metering
  • Cathodic Protection of Pipelines and Storage Tanks
  • Artificial Lift Systems using pumps or fluid injection
  • Well monitoring
  • Remote Management and Operations of oilfield assets

Wireless SCANET SCADA for Oil & Gas Industry

CIMCON can deliver complete solutions including hardware, software and turnkey project implementation and operating services in all key areas of O&G operations. We approach each project as a long-term strategic partnership that helps our customers achieve:

  • Freedom from Obsolescence - Our focus on providing innovative solutions based on proven technologies for over two decades ensures continuous product upgrades and compatibility with your existing systems preserving your investment for the long term.
  • Freedom from Wired Communications - Our SCADA system supports several wireless communication options including GSM/GPRS based messaging over cellular networks, high frequency VHF/UHF based Radio communications and Satellite based global communication without any geographical constraints.
  • Freedom from Isolation - Our Ethernet and SIO based products can talk to any instrument through popular protocols to ensure seamless integration with your existing data infrastructures.
  • Freedom from Downtime - Our systems offer redundancy at several levels to ensure high availability. When combined with our excellent service and support, this will reduce your Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) to record levels.
  • Freedom of Mobility - Stay connected to your process 24x7 from anywhere in the world using any mobile device such as a PDA, mobile phone, palmtop or the laptop that utilize highly secure encrypted and wired/wireless connections to the server.
  • Freedom of Scalability - The SCANET system provides excellent scalability and seamless integration so that you never outgrow the system's capabilities. This allows you to start small with minimal investment and grow as your needs and familiarity with the system increases.