Oil & Gas Products - SCANET

Purpose Built SCADA system for Oil & Gas

SCANET is the world’s most reliable and proven SCADA system with a history of use that spans two decades. It is a result of continuous innovation, feedback from O&G companies worldwide and adoption of latest technology advancements. It presents the most integrated control system environment available anywhere in the world for remote management and operation of O&G processes. This ensures that your investment in technology continues to provide high return today and in the future.

SCANET Modules

  • Mimic Generator - Allows quick creation of highly intuitive management dashboards using a versatile symbol library.
  • Report Generator - Allows generation of meaningful tabular and graphical reports at all levels of management and operations.
  • Asset Manager - Allows capturing and tracking of all information such as specifications, supplier information, maintenance data and any other information related to the O&G assets.
  • WAN Manager - WAN manager extends the geographical reach of the SCADA system enabling information sharing across the enterprise.
  • Remote Access Manager - Allows the user to login from remote locations.
  • Dial-out Manager -Dial-out Manager reports critical parameters using report-by-exception.
  • Mobile Client - Allows total workforce mobility by providing secure access to critical information via any mobile device such PDA, cell phone, palmtop or laptop.
  • Web Client with Zero Footprint - Allows remote access to authorized users from anywhere in the world using just the browser. All information exchange is secured using the highest level of encryption.
  • Data Historian - High speed streaming of real-time data to a secure repository with equally high speed access.
  • Alarm Manager - Highly visual indication of color coded alarms based on their criticality and priority.
  • Real-Time Trend Monitor - Allows real-time trending of O&G process parameters to predict out of limit conditions and take corrective actions in advance.
  • Historical Trend Analyzer -Allows analysis and correlation of data for process optimization resulting in increased production and reduced downtime.


  • Increased Operator Productivity and Reliability
  • Reduced Maintenance and Operating Costs
  • Increased Production and Reduced Downtime
  • Secure Sharing of Information
  • High Degree of Scalability
  • Configurable Report Generation
  • Multiple Display clients
  • Mobile Information Management
  • Flexible Field Communications