Building Management Solutions

CIMCON provides customized Building Management solutions for Comfort, safety and security of the occupants. The scope includes design and supply of

  • Central monitoring and control of air-conditioning systems aimed for energy savings for comfort
  • Fire alarm systems for safety
  • Access control system for security

Energy savings due to BAS implementation

Out of total energy costs of the building, 60% is air-conditioning and 23% is lighting; Implementation of BAS techniques results in almost 8% savings to the Owners with an added comfort to the occupants. Added to this the user can also have the energy billing automatically for a tenant based concept.

Technologically enriched solutions for industrial BAS include Temperature control, humidity control, and pressurization control using one or a combination of airside control options viz.

  • damper control
  • 3 damper control
  • 3 way / 2 way valve control
  • Heater control / Power control
  • Variable speeds
  • VAV solutions

CIMCON has executed diversified projects for the Building Automation solution covering core sectors of Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Space and Entertainment.

Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industries

BMS for a typical pharmaceutical industry includes tight control over critical parameters of Temperature and Humidity of the manufacturing area and requires central monitoring of these parameters on a central control station where by alarm messages are flashed when changes in the control parameters occur. Real time reports and logged summary of the data are also available.

Solutions for the Textile Sector

Industrial BAS projects for Textile sector cover diverse approaches to maintaining the humidity control within the manufacturing department which is the key to clothing / fiber quality. Taking advantage of the ambient air conditions, systems are designed for automatic mixture of return and fresh air as required to maintain the inside conditions as well as save energy. Actuated return, balancing and fresh air dampers are installed to achieve the above phenomenon. Pure humidification control systems implement above approaches while applications requiring parallel temperature maintenance involve integrated operation of pre-heater control, chilled water modulation as well as reheat control.

Solutions for the Entertainment Complexes

Entertainment complexes cover a combination of maintenance of comfort conditions as well as lighting control; these areas are with heavy diversity with the loading pattern fluctuating during the day. The control option also includes thermal storage systems, which generate ice during lean-load periods, and utilize this energy as s buffer during peak loading conditions.