Control System Training Simulators - Distillation Column Trainer

A highly advanced Computer-controlled Distillation Column enables trainees to analyze and study the distillation process. Trainees are also introduced to control loop strategies and one of the world’s most advanced control system.

Wireless SCANET SCADA for Industrial Automation - Distillation Column Trainer

Key Features

  • State-of-the-Art Computer-Controlled Distillation Column.
  • Allows study of the parameters affecting distillation.
  • Supports study of multiple control strategies.
  • Real-Time control and monitoring of distillation process parameters. Facility to log all parameters for later study and analysis.
  • Model Based Control System.
  • Advance control strategy builder for further study.

Distillate Flow Control

Distillate flow rate is one of the most important parameters of a Distillation Column. Controlling the distillate flow rate provides the best means of stabilizing the operations in a Distillation Column. Trainees can tune the controller using different versions of traditional PID control.
Control Type: PID

Reflux Flow Control Loop

To attain distillate of desired concentration, Reflux Ratio has to be maintained at a constant value. This has been implemented using model based control system.

Temperature Control Loop (Pre-Heater)

The feed entering the column must be at a controlled temperature to ensure total separation and maximum recovery of the distillate. This also ensures energy saving of upto 10%.
Control Type: On/Off

Temperature Control Loop(Reboiler)

The temperature in the reboiler has to be accurately controlled to ensure successful component separation. This is implemented using On/Off Control of industrial grade heaters.
Control Type: On/Off

Column level Control Loop

Column level is maintained constant by controllinazg the bottom product flow rate.
Control Type: PID

Column Temperature & Pressure Monitoring

Distillation separates components according to the difference in their vapour pressure and since vapour pressure is a temperature controlled function, temperature measurement has historically been used to indicate composition.Thus monitoring changes in temperature at constant pressure indicates change in composition of the column.

Windows based MMI Software

Monitoring and control of all the column parameters is done using an extremely student friendly Windows based software. The software provides various forms of graphical options such as real-time trend, group displays, dynamic mimic display of the column, historical data logging and display, DDE interface to Excel for analysis and reporting to name a few.

Advance Control Builder

A flow chart based advance control strategy builder is also included that allows students to experiment with various forms of control.

Remote Terminal Unit

Advanced control strategies for the Distillation Column can be implemented using powerful Remote Terminal Unit(s) equipped with necessary input/output Modules and linked to a computer.