CIMFMS - Fleet Management System

Ensuring People Stay Course

In today's economy, time is money and information is vital to success. Any organization, be it Government or Private, has to ensure that all its goods are delivered to their customers on time, every time. It is therefore important that you are in command of your fleet and can track them in real-time. The Fleet Management System from CIMCON uses the latest advances in GPS technology to provide a reliable, affordable and easy to install and use system that can keep your fleet on track for improved productivity, better customer satisfaction and increased profits.

Operational Modules

  • Digital Locking | Lock that can be opened only after an “OK” signal is given from the control station to prevent theft mid-way during transfer of goods such as petrol, oil, milk, etc.
  • Data Logger | Data logger module that would log important parameters like pressure in the tank, temperature in a refrigerated van, battery voltage with real time stamp.