GPS Based Fleet Management System

CIMCON Software (India) Pvt. Ltd., is a leading manufacturer of GPS based fleet tracking systems and is committed to providing our customers with innovative and affordable fleet management solutions. These solutions allow you to track your vehicle right from the time they leave office premises till the time they are back. It allows you to know in real-time the current location of the vehicles, a history of where they have been and details on stops that they have made on the way. It also provides comprehensive tracking reports that include valuable information such as speeds and headings at a frequency that can be configured based on your needs. You can always stay connected to your fleet, with easy to use, web-based software from anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to the internet. All this helps you to manage your fleet more efficiently, increase business profitability, reduce operational expenses and improve customer service.

Operational Technology

  • GPS Module detects the position and sends the information to the Controller module
  • Controller Module converts the received data and sends it to the fleet server using SMS/GPRS
  • Memory Unit stores configuration and position data
  • Display/Entry Module allows on-site configuration
  • Sensors for temperature, speed, pressure etc (optional)

Wireless SCANET SCADA for Industrial Automation - GPS Based Fleet Management System

System Interface

  • Round-the-clock network of satellites guarantee accurate detection and reporting of vehicle position with no downtime.
  • The GPS Module communicates the location details in longitude and latitude through SMS/GSRS with the help of in-built GSM modem to the Fleet Server.
  • Authorized user(s) can track selected vehicles superimposed on the baseline city map or in tubular format by accessing the fleet server via intranet or internet.
  • The user can also view the entire trip information of the vehicle through the map on the Internet.
  • The fleet server can send diagnostic messages to the vehicle unit on the status of assets that can be seamlessly and reliably tracked almost anywhere on the earth.

Optional Modules

  • Digital Locking | Lock that can be opened only after an “OK” signal is given from the control station to prevent theft mid-way during transfer of goods such as petrol, oil, milk, etc.
  • Data Logger | Data logger module that would log important parameters like pressure in the tank, temperature in a refrigerated van, battery voltage with real time stamp.