GPS Based Fleet Management System - Sample Applications

Fleet Management

  • Track your fleet movements
  • Ensure that your fleet is always on track
  • Improve workforce safety
  • Handle fleet of any size

Safe Transportation of high cost cargo

  • Alert button to notify of any emergency conditions
  • Continuous vehicle tracking with no downtime
  • Automatic Alert trigger in the event the wires to the power supply are cut.
  • Automatic door locking

Flying Squad / Police Vans

  • Track patrol vehicles in any location with the help of satellites.

Courier Services

  • Continuous tracking of shipment allows real-time reporting to clients and helps in taking proper decisions on alternate measures in case of a delay.

Deterrent to Theft

  • For high value vehicles and cars

Public Transport Vehicles

  • Provide accurate real-time information on current location of the vehicle at the bus stops. Can be interfaced with IVRS system for automated un-attended arrival / departure information system.

Refrigerated Vans used for perishable food, vaccines, etc.

  • The temperature in the van can be displayed on the Internet and Monitored continuously.

Track Sales / Field Staff