Control System Training Simulators - Scanet Distributed Control System

SCANET is a highly advanced new generation DCS that has proved its reliability in several mission-critical applications worldwide. SCANET presents the most integrated control system environment available anywhere in the world for rapid execution of complex control strategies.

Wireless SCANET SCADA for Industrial Automation - Scanet Distributed Control System

Wireless SCANET SCADA for Industrial Automation - Scanet Distributed Control System

Key Features

  • True 32 bit high-speed performance.
  • The most integrated control system environment ever.
  • Logic programming using intuitive flow chart language
  • Based on open standards.
  • Object oriented graphics with multimedia support.
  • Standard library of all common control strategies.
  • Extremely easy to learn and operate
  • Powerful Local and Wide area networking facilities.

Lan Manager

Manages peer-to-peer communication between SCANET nodes on a Local Area Network.

Wan Manager

Links and manages upto 32,000 geographically distributed SCANET Local Area Networks.

Remote Access Manager

Manages remote access to the SCANET system via leased or dial-up phone lines or cable connections.

Alert Automatic Emergency Dialer

Performs verbal annunciation of emergencies over regular telephone network to alert remote personnel and allows them to take corrective action.

Mimgen Mimic Generator

Generates complex graphic displays in minutes using basic drawing entities and a library of pre-defined symbols.

Repgen Report Generator

Allows on-screen report generation using real-time and historical data without any programming.

Connectivity Tools

Connect to other applications and databases using DDE, NetDDE, and ODBC.


An intelligent Remote Terminal Unit with real-time multi-tasking software and extensive communication capabilities that can be programmed with PCBPLC. Available modules include 16 channel Digital Input, 8/16 channel Digital Output, 8 channel RTD input, 4 channel Analog Output and 16 channel Analog Input.

High Density I/O Systesm

Each I/O sub-system can accept any mix of 15 I/O modules. Several such sub-systems can be linked together for a high-density I/O system.