CIMPMS - A Total Power Management Solution

Reduce your energy bills without compromise or discomfort and help save our planet

Maasure your Consumption

Why Manage your Energy Consumption?

Electricity bills comprise a significant portion of the manufacturing costs for any company and therefore have a major impact on the company's bottom line. To manage this portion of the expense, you must first determine how much electricity you consume, which equipments contribute to the consumption, what are the consumption patterns associated with these equipments, is this affected by the time of the day or season etc. It is also important to know the quality of the power that your equipments are being fed, since this affects their productivity and life which, in turn, affects your profitability.

A Turnkey Solution

CIMCON has the technology and products that can help you reduce your electricity bills while improving productivity, equipment life and profitability. The key components of this turnkey solution include:

  • Domain Expertise and Experience | CIMCON has been helping customers for over two decades and all customers benefit from this wealth of knowledge, accumulated over these years.
  • Products | CIMCON offers a complete line of products that include digital power meters, power factor correction units, demand controllers, data loggers, controllers and powerful analysis software.
  • Networking | Since scope of the Energy management is plant wide, it is important that information collected from equipments that are distributed throughout the plant, is communicated to a central system for a holistic view of the power consumption. CIMCON energy management products offer several communication options that include wired options, wireless options and even satellite options that can be used in any combination, to arrive at the most economical solution.
  • Analysis Tools | CIMCON offers highly advanced tools that can correlate energy data from different sources using time series analysis to arrive at the optimum energy consumption on a plant wide basis.
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint | By reducing your energy consumption, you are in fact helping the environment and contributing heavily towards your social obligations.

iPMU 4000 - Helps you Know your energy consumption patterns

iPMU 4000

iPMU 4000 is an Advanced Digital Power Meter that uses State-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Technology to achieve the highest possible accuracy in the measurement of the true RMS values of all parameters. Some of the key features include:

  • The industry's fastest sampling rate assures excellent performance with unbalanced loads, distorted waveforms, harmonics and rapidly changing loads.
  • SCADA ready using industry standard MODBUS Protocol to feed multiple electrical parameters that can replace several analog transducers for cost effective implementation.
  • Remote Data Retrieval using Telephone Modem, Cellular Modem, RS232 or RS485 Serial Port.
  • Digital Energy Meter measures all the important electrical parameters such as individual phase voltages and currents, PF, Hz, System KVA, KW and KVAr, Active energy (KWh), Apparent energy (KVAh) and Reactive energy (KVArh).
  • All configured parameters are displayed on a scrolling 16 x 2 backlit LCD display.
  • Extensive internal date storage capacity that allows local logging of critical waveform data and patterns in the event of communication link failure.
  • Inbuilt option for wireless communications using GSM or Radio.
  • CT ratio (primary) can be programmed at site using the front membrane keypad.
  • Upto 2 users configurable and field programmable Alarm/Trip outputs via optional module.
  • All configurations are pass code protected.

Energy Audit

CIMCON also offers Energy Audits of your facility that can help in understanding the actual savings which can be achieved before investing in the energy management systems. This involves CIMCON installing various energy measuring devices throughout your facility and collecting energy consumption data over few weeks. This data is then analyzed and detailed reports with recommendations is provided to you that can help determining next steps toward energy management.


  • Better management of total energy usage.
  • Analyze usage data to define and implement operational strategies to control load factor, peak load requirements and reduce energy wastage.
  • Understand and improve consumption patterns.
  • Measure and verify anticipated energy savings from energy efficiency modifications.
  • Highlight discrepancies in electricity consumption.
  • Replace several analog electrical transducers and costly analog inputs in a PLC based SCADA implementation by feeding multiple electrical parameters directly to the SCADA system using serial communication.
  • Get Advanced notifications via email or SMS when approaching preset peak demand using optional notification module.
  • Web based access to instantaneous real time measurement and metered data via the Internet or local network using web module.