Generation and Distribution SCADA Systems

Monitor, Control and Identify Losses

A part of highly advanced new generation monitoring system that has proved its reliability in several mission critical applications worldwide, Power SCANET is your most integrated control system environment available for power generation and distribution network. Remote monitoring of electrical parameters viz. Voltage, Current, PF, MW, Frequency and Active & reactive power values for HT as well as LT lines is carried out through customized MIMICS, management level reports and powerful local and wide area networking facilities of Power SCANET.

Wireless SCANET SCADA for Power Monitoring, Demand Side Management & Energy Management

The Power SCANET from CIMCON utilizes high degree of automation based on proven State-of-the-art technology for optimization of the electrical energy generated, transmitted and distributed.

The Power SCANET is one of the geographically distributed intelligence, which is functionally integrated for generation, transmission and distribution systems of a large power plant and its substations.


  • Forecast the total consumer requirement in order to plan outages of equipment for maintenance
  • Keep track of all important conditions and events of the electrical network centrally
  • Keep informed as to the location of personnel and equipment, which may be needed in emergencies
  • In addition, during actual or threatened emergency, the System Operator can diagnose the location and nature of the trouble and take necessary steps to maintain services or when necessary to restore it as quickly as possible


  • Interactive color-coded electrical network-graphical user interface for ease of operation
  • Built in formatted real time reports to completely eliminate manual reporting
  • Logical organization of information for fast and intuitive retrieval bysub-station
  • Calculation of total power, tripping duration and transmission losses
  • Data on auxiliary consumption for system efficiency
  • Feeder loading report with real time stamping
  • Reduces fault restoration times
  • Balance electrical demand with available generation at the time of crises
  • Increases customer services reliability