Design and Consultancy

CIMCON has extensive experience in turn-key implementation of database applications and software and in helping customers maximize the return on their investment. CIMCON can provide consultancy services for implementation of standard off-the-shelf application software, including customization of software, interfaces to third-party and legacy systems, and data conversion.

CIMCON can help in customizing software and databases to specific site and business requirements including data conversion, customized reports and inquiries, menu customization, and development of new functions and screens.

Rather than just a providing readymade control solution, CIMCON is involved selling of complete end-to-end automation products tailor-made for a particular application for any sector of the industry.

We provide total consultancy starting from feasibility surveys, data collection, detailed user requirement analysis, identifying the best solution from among the researched solutions, basic engineering design, simulation carried out to test the suitability of final option, specifications, evaluation and out sourcing decisions. The core focus during the entire exercise is to provide to customer the final solution rather than an intermediate product.


CIMCON is proud to have high caliber professionals within its fold exposed to various core-engineering disciplines; this makes that critical interface of system integration very easy to achieve so as to reach closest to the automation requirements of the end user resulting is customer delight.

Further, other than the process knowledge soft integration is one of the fortes of CIMCON; it covers following reputed makes:

  • PLC Programming (Allen-Bradley, Siemens, GE Fanuc, Koyo)
  • Driver Development
  • HMI Development (Intellution, Wonderware)
  • Interface with Higher Level Management Information Systems
  • MES - interface of PLC with ERP
  • ERP

Total Solutions

Since 1988, CIMCON has 20 years of experience in providing turnkey solutions and services that include software development, data conversion and consultancy. CIMCON leverages its knowledge, experience and technology to provide the highest quality services at the lowest cost. CIMCON's project management and quality assurance methodologies ensure the timely and cost-effective implementation of each project consistent with established quality standards.

CIMCON passes on the economies of scale and location derived from its Development Center in India to you with rates that are one of the lowest in the industry. The Center is staffed by experienced professionals skilled in the art and science of our service offerings to provide you with the highest quality services.