Water Solutions

Monitor, Control and Save each drop with Aqua SCANET Water SCADA Systems from CIMCON Software

In the wake of current water scarcity, it has become mandatory for the apex management of various water boards to not only preserve this precious resource but also to ensure proper monitoring and control over entire process of generation, distribution and sewage; with this motive, which is in national interest, CIMCON offers AQUA SCANET for the user to monitor and control the entire network sitting in their office there by minimizing water pilferage and generate energy savings.

The AQUA SCANET from CIMCON utilizes high degree of automation based on proven state-of-the-art technology for efficient management of water resources and water distribution network.

The AQUA SCANET is one of the geographically distributed intelligence which is functionally integrated for each reservoir, head works, trunk main, water treatment plants, branch mains, sub pumping head, distribution and sewage network.

Wireless SCANET SCADA for Water Generation, Treatment, Distribution, Sewage & Irrigation Control


  • Forecast the total requirement and identify the constraints at the source of water / production equipment.
  • Regulate the flow of water as per requirement.
  • Oversee the quality of water at the input and output.
  • Keep informed about pertinent parameters of the system and plan the strategy of operation.
  • Plan maintenance of pipe line, pumps and equipment for maintenance.
  • Keep track of all important conditions and events.
  • In addition, during actual or threatened emergency, the System Operator can diagnose the location and nature of the trouble and take necessary steps to maintain services or when necessary to restore it as quickly as possible.


  • Auto operation of pumping stations (Generation, distribution and sewage)
  • Energy optimization through scheduled operations
  • Avoids unnecessary pumping
  • Avoids overloading
  • Avoids running empty
  • Improved equipment life through sequencing
  • Uniform wear and tear
  • No overloads
  • Central Control
  • Reduces manpower
  • Sanitation control near sewage stations
  • Data logging and analysis
  • Leak detection
  • Water distribution accounting
  • Once networked, complete water distribution can be monitored and controlled from central location.