SCANET is one of the most reliable SCADA system with a proven practical experience that spans over two decades. It is a result of continuous innovation, acquisition of advance technology and feedback from global companies spread across industries such O&G, Water & Power. It offers the most integrated control system for remote management and operation of processes. This ensures that your investment in technology continues to provide high returns not just today but also in the long run.

  • Web SCANET

A web based remote monitoring and control software that enables you to monitor and control your remotely distributed systems. It offers fast, easy and cost effective solution to monitor and control remote systems.

Web SCANET service collects measurements and status data from the remote systems and displays these data through graphical Web interface using trend, alarm and process views. The web interface software allows users to set control parameters for the remotely distributed system. Designated mobile handsets can be alerted for exceptional events / alarms.

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Key Benefits

Anytime, Anywhere

Real Time Monitoring

Enhanced Security

Reduced Operations and maintenance costs

High degree of scalability

Reduced cost of ownership

Key Features

  • User can check / view data from anywhere on any PC.
  • No need to take backup of important data
  • Users who have multiple locations for monitoring & control can access from anywhere.
  • All standard features of SCADA are available (Mimics, Reports, Trends, Alarms etc.)
  • User can configure / save their own reports/ trends like a template.

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