Highway Smart Lighting

Safety and Energy Saving is a major concern for city’s Ring Roads, State Highways and National Highways which makes it essential to optimize highway lighting as it consumes considerable amounts of energy. With CIMCON’s Smart Highway Lighting Systems, cities can save energy, cut emissions, reduce light pollution and cut down on operations and maintenance costs, while keeping citizen feel safe and satisfied.

High consumption

High consumption of energy from highway lightings amounts to high amount of energy generation, which in turn results in high level of emissions.

Difficulties in system maintenance

How does the lighting operator find out that a certain component of a light needs to be repaired or replaced?

Public safety issues

Improper lighting and inefficient light management systems have caused an increased amount of fatalities and crashes.

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Plug and Play Product

Easy product installation lets you install and set up each device right at the site.


We can help you manage your process with training and support services which meet KPI’s, or we can manage the entire system for you.