1500Contracts Worldwide
20000New devices added every year
1Sensor data points monitored
30of Innovation and Excellence
2Energy Saved (kWh)

What sets us apart?

State-of-the-art, modular, scalable products

Cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions. Reduce maintenance time

Flexible wireless technology

Turnkey Project Implementation

In-house software and R&D teams with infrastructure

End-to-end solutions from hardware, software to configuration and integration

Continuous product upgrades to adapt to industry needs

Strong social inclination and environment-friendly practices

Local sales resources with both sales and engineering expertise

Made in India

Our Esteemed Clientele

Over the years, we’ve built successful relationships with some of the leading names across various sectors by efficiently meeting their automation needs. Constant innovation and commitment to quality have helped us provide distinctly superior services.

National Business Excellence Award


  • Pionnered the use of GSM technology for wireless asset management
  • Pionners in flowchart-based programming technologies for control
  • Developed India's first Satellite-based SCADA System for ship navigation

Think Automation Think CIMCON


We’ll walk you through the process with our domain experts, to determine the right plan for you. You’ll see your potential benefits and your ROI.

Plug and Play Product

Easy product installation lets you install and set up each device right at the site.


We can help you manage your process with training and support services which meet KPI’s, or we can manage the entire system for you.