CIMCON’s smart street lights illuminate the Atal Setu Bridge in a glowing success

27th Feb 2024

CIMCON Celebrates Milestone: Smart Lighting Illuminates Mumbai Atal Setu

CIMCON proudly announces the completion of its latest milestone: the implementation of smart lighting innovation on India’s largest sea bridge, the Mumbai Atal Setu. This remarkable achievement not only elevates safety standards but also champions sustainability efforts on this iconic infrastructure.

Thanks to CIMCON’s cutting-edge smart lighting solutions, the Mumbai Atal Setu now boasts enhanced illumination, ensuring optimal visibility and safety for commuters and pedestrians traversing its expanse.

Our unwavering dedication to excellence in engineering and sustainability has positioned us as a pivotal player in the transformation of critical infrastructure throughout India.

We are thrilled to have contributed to this groundbreaking project, which not only enhances urban landscapes but also promotes sustainable development initiatives.

A heartfelt acknowledgment goes out to our dedicated team and all stakeholders whose collaboration has been instrumental in the success of this project. Together, we illuminate the path toward a brighter future for India’s infrastructure landscape.

Capturing Moments: Glimpses of the Event

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