CIMCON’s complete range of intelligent RTUs are scalable, reliable, open, interoperable and proven in thousands of mission critical applications. As a developer of one of the world’s first flowchart programmable Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), CIMCON Software intelligent RTU’s have been utilized and proven in thousands of projects worldwide helping utilities of all types to manage their operations, while avoiding crisis management situations.

The range of RTUs are with real time, multitasking softwares combined with powerful communication capabilities based on proven technology. Its open architecture enables net-operatability with other popular automation systems using universal protocol. They bring together the speed of a PLC, the precision of data logger and the flexibility of a large process controller.

  • iRTU 1000

CIMCON iRTU 1000 is an entry level, low cost RTU that has been utilized globally to remotely monitor and control a broad range of mission critical applications. It helps utilities quickly identify faults for immediate resolution and its data logging capability provides all the information needed for situation analysis.

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Application Area

Tube Well/Pumping Stations

Oil Wells

Street Light Feeders

Wind Mills

Solar Panels

Compress Stations

Inside This Ultra Compact RTU

  • 32 bit ARM 7 RISC Processor
  • GSM/RF wireless option
  • Isolated Digital and Analog Inputs
  • Modbus RTU communication
  • Flowchart based Programming
  • 2 MB memory for data storage
  • 6 DI, 2 D0 & 2 AI
  • One Isolated RS-232 Port
  • Integrated Power Meter
  • Compact 92 x 92 mm Panel Mount Design

Key Features

iRTU 1000 01 iRTU 1000 02 iRTU 1000 03 iRTU 1000 04 iRTU 1000 05 iRTU 1000 06 iRTU 1000 07 iRTU 1000 08
  • Wireless Technology
  • Compact Design
  • Easy Remote Monitoring
  • Remote Control
  • Alarm Call Service
  • Run Hours Monitoring
  • New Installations & Retrofits

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