Smart Pole

Make your city smart by transforming the existing Street Lighting infrastructure into a Smart Pole infrastructure.

  • Multiple vendors required for different sensor solutions.
  • Costly as each sensor would require a separate drilling for cable routing which will take more time and energy.
  • Unsecure as multiple data streams from different networks means more exposure to breach.
  • High maintenance costs as each system would require separate supervision from separate vendors.
  • Not Scalable as once you install the devices, there is no provision to add new devices.

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We’ll walk you through the process with our domain experts, to determine the right plan for you. You’ll see your potential benefits and your ROI.

Plug and Play Product

Easy product installation lets you install and set up each device right at the site.


We can help you manage your process with training and support services which meet KPI’s, or we can manage the entire system for you.