Tunnel Automation

In the modern era, infrastructure development plays a critical role in the growth of any economy. Tunnels, being integral components of transportation networks, require advanced solutions to ensure safety, efficiency, and sustainability. CIMCON’s Tunnel Automation Solutions are designed to meet these demands by providing innovative and reliable automation systems tailored for various tunnel environments.

Integration with Existing Infrastructure

Data Security

High Initial Costs

Maintenance and Reliability

Regulatory Compliance

Deterioration of asset

Think Automation Think CIMCON


We’ll walk you through the process with our domain experts, to determine the right plan for you. You’ll see your potential benefits and your ROI.

Plug and Play Product

Easy product installation lets you install and set up each device right at the site.


We can help you manage your process with training and support services which meet KPI’s, or we can manage the entire system for you.